Updated: 4 Mar 2020

 Dear Brothers and Sisters,

  1. If you have recently returned from overseas, please monitor your health. If you feel unwell, please seek medical attention promptly and inform your congregation pastors and EXCO If you are served with a 14-day Stay Home Notice (SHN), you will have to observe the following:
    • remain home at all times
    • minimise contact with others; no visitors
    • keep a record of persons you come into close contact with
    • monitor your health
    • maintain personal hygiene
  2. If you have upcoming travel plans (work or leisure), please inform your congregation pastors and EXCO members. For those who are serving in vulnerable groups (Elderly and Children), do discuss with your ministry leader(s) on the
  3. Individuals who are unwell should not attend any church
  4. We will be carrying out the following measures:
  • Temperature taking:
    • Church gates will be locked on weekdays and Saturdays (up to 1pm), members and visitors will need to contact church office for access and temperature
    • For Saturday and Sunday Worship Services and activities, access will be limited for temperature taking.
    • In addition, we will be requesting contact info of visitors (for tracing purposes).
  • To request those who are visibly unwell (respiratory symptoms, such as coughing, sneezing, runny nose, shortness of breath and flu-like symptoms, with or without fever) to stay at home and seek medical assistance if
  • Church practices where many people access the same objects:
    • Bibles, Hymn Books, etc have been removed temporarily
    • Offering will be collected through offering boxes
    • Ushers who serve communion cups will wear masks and gloves

Other practices will be reviewed and announced over the Pulpit when they are ready.

  • Intensify cleaning of high contact surfaces such as doorknobs, handrails, lift buttons
  • Grace Elderly World activities will be suspended indefinitely. Love Meal, Song Ai Fellowship, CC Evergreen Class, Rainbow Class and Choir Sunday School will also be suspended, as some may have underlying condition which could make them vulnerable when they are infected.
  • Partial Children Ministry activities for EC and MC will be resumed from 1 Mar 2020. CC Children Ministry will continue to monitor the situation before resuming their activities.
  • Live streaming of worship services is available, please contact your congregation Exco for more details.

COVID-19 is transmitted primarily through droplets. To fight this outbreak, we need to look after our personal hygiene, AND keep Singapore clean. A clean environment will help stop community transmission of COVID-19.

 7 good habits

  1. Keep premises clean and pest-free
  2. Return trays, keep tables clean
  3. Keep toilets clean and dry
  4. Wash hands regularly with soap
  5. Take temperature, see doctor if unwell, stay home
  6. Use tissue when sneezing or coughing
  7. Bin litter and soiled tissue

 Let us continue committing the current situation onto our Lord and stay vigilant. Let us seek not to be alarmist and be prayerful and responsible. We shall continue to monitor the situation closely and update again if there is new development.