Fellowships/Cell Groups


Fellowships/Cell Groups

In the Greek language used in the New Testament, the original word for ‘fellowship’ was Koinonia. It carries the meaning of sharing, joint participation and contribution; it’s an experience of coming together. Through mutual encouragement together with brothers and sisters in Christ, building each other up in the love of God and in the spiritual life, this is the true life of fellowship.

Welcome to our fellowships and cell groups to get know our brothers and sisters, as well as to better understand our faith and our church. Through praying regularly and encouraging each other, we can build unity within our church, and we can understand the true meaning of loving one another.

Organised according to age and spiritual needs, we have various cell groups, life building groups and bible study groups. There are also youth fellowships, couples fellowships and elderly fellowships. The details are as follows:

Cantonese Congregation

1. Youth Fellowships (Titus Fellowship, Timothy Fellowship, Timon Fellowship, Theophilus Fellowship)
2. Adult Fellowships and Bible Study Groups (Agape Fellowship, Aquila Fellowship, Bible Study and Prayer Groups by District, Women Bible Study and Prayer Group)
3. Elderly Fellowship (Song Ai Fellowship, Elderly World Fellowship)

Mandarin Congregation

1. Youth Fellowships (Little Bricks Fellowship, Big Bricks Fellowship)
2. Cell Groups (怀恩、云彩轩、温馨屋、爱心屋、蜜盛、传恩1、传恩2、天悦1、天悦2、天梯、雅薛、梓涵、喜乐)
3. China Friends Fellowship (BOS、信望爱、中国朋友伉俪小组)
4. Elderly Fellowship (Grace Elderly World)

English Congregation

Adult Cell Groups: mainly grouped by district of residence, which includes North, East, West and Central, and there are also groups called Christians in Action (CIA) and For Young People (FYP)

Sunday Schools

We have arranged Sunday School in different languages (Cantonese, Mandarin and English) for different age groups and in accordance with different spiritual needs.

1. Children Sunday School: our aim is to help the children get to know God and understand the teachings of the Bible when they are young, and to plant the seeds of faith in their hearts.
2. Youth Sunday School: we hope to nurture the youths to anchor on God’s truth so that they can stand firm in their faith in midst of this unpredictable and volatile world.
3. Exploratory class: for new friends who would like to understand more about what we believe.
4. Deepening class: for new believers to learn more about Christianity and Christian values.
5. Adult Sunday School: we have arranged different classes for brothers and sisters to deepen their understanding of various Bible scriptures and practical biblical topics.


New friends that are interested to deepen their understanding of our faith are encouraged to join the exploratory classes. When they have decided to accept Jesus as their personal saviour, we would then encourage them to attend the deepening classes to understand more about Christianity. If the believer would like to join the church through baptism, we would arrange for them to participate in developmental classes. The believer would then apply for baptism, be interviewed by the pastoral team and congregation leaders, and followed by the recommendation for baptism by the pastoral team to the Deacon Board, who will give the final approval.

We organise Baptism Services twice a year, in February and August. After baptism, we continue to arrange courses to help the newly baptised brothers and sisters deepen their understanding of Christian beliefs. We also continue to encourage them to participate in Sunday School to further deepen their understanding and strengthen their faith.

Serve the Lord

The life of a Christian is that of service. Serving gives our mundane life eternal purpose and meaning. A Christian who is truly saved would willingly serve God. And service to God is the outflowing, visible mark of a new life in Christ. Service to God also shows true understanding and worship to God.

A Christian can serve in many areas and in various ways, for example, helping out with the worship services, or serving in the children Sunday school. A Christian may also serve through visitation with the pastoral team or engage in evangelism. They may also wish to step up and lead in Bible study, to teach in Sunday school, to serve as a congregation committee member, or to stand for election as a deacon.

We strongly encourage brothers and sisters who have just joined the church through baptism to participate actively in serving God. Through such services to God, we hope brothers and sisters can see that baptism is not the end goal of Christian life but rather, the beginning of a new chapter.

More importantly, a Christian’s service is not only in his role in the church, but rather, we need to witness God’s love through the way we live in every facet of our lives as we are His living testimonies on earth.



“How, then, can they call on the one they have not believed in? And how can they believe in the one whom they have not heard? And how can they hear without someone preaching to them? And how can anyone preach unless they are sent?”

Romans 10:14 -15a

We believe that the participation and mobilisation of mission ministry is the responsibility of each and every church member and leader, rather than merely the responsibility of a few “mission fanatics”.

We began participating in mission ministries since 1974. We changed our mission sending model in 1985 from the “Direct Sending Model” to the “Tripartite Sending Model”. In the Tripartite model, the church sends a missionary/supports a mission project through a mission agency. The church provides three areas of support for the missionary/mission project – financial support, emotional support and prayer support, while the mission agency would take care of the supervision and administration of the mission fields. Our mission partner agencies include the Overseas Mission Fellowship (OMF), Serving In Missions (SIM), Operation Mobilisation (OM), Wycliffe Bible Translators, Christian Nationals’ Evangelism Commission (CNEC), Every Home Crusade (EHC), Chinese Overseas Christian Missions (COCM) and more.

In addition, we have also set up the Moriah Fellowship which serves as a platform to help brothers and sisters equip themselves and increase their commitment to God’s mission. The fellowship engages through Bible teaching, missionary sharing and personal participation in mission ministries to encourage members to journey together and support each other in this lifelong journey.

Visit Missions@Grace or contact our Missions Department via email <missions@gsccc.org.sg>.