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1. 打开本堂的手机应用程式的画面,按 “现场直播”; 或

2. 至;或

3. 至  网页,在「资源」一栏中按 “YouTube 频道”.

Important News:

We have resumed all on-site worship services. Congregants are encourged to come back to worship together. All worship services will continue to be accessible online at the designated times. Please contact your EXCO for more details.

Online streaming can be accessed by one of the following:

1. Open the Church’s mobile app Menu and click on “Livestream” icon; or

2. Visit; or

3. Visit the Church’s website at and click on “YouTube Channel” under the resource tab.


* 儿童崇拜将同时在课室进行。 * Children Worship will proceed in the classroom at the same time.